Router Login

With the increase in technology, the internet has now become the backbone for all the activities that we do both at home and business level. Most of the tasks are performed with the help of an internet connection. This made the need for a seamless internet connection a priority. For a high-speed network, Netgear routers are the first and best option available. These routers are well-known for a faster and reliable connection. For enhanced user experience, you can manage and control your router by signing in to your router account. Router Login is a process for reaching your Netgear router portal and then controlling your router, as per your needs. 


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Steps to Sign In to Your Netgear Router Account

Initiate the router login process by connecting the Netgear router with the computer. You can reach the login web page only after establishing the connection. For this, modem, LAN cable, Netgear router, and power cable are needed. Access all these and then, unbox the router as well as modem and turn them on using the power cable. After that, take the LAN Cable and attach it to the router and modem. Then, take another LAN Cable to connect the computer and router. One end of the cable is to be attached to the router and another end to the computer system. 

Note: You must keep your device connected until the process gets completed. Uninterrupted power supply and network connection are necessary for router login. 

Now, move to your computer system and click the icon of your preferred browser, in order to access it. You can open any of the browsers that are available to you. The icon of the browser is located on the desktop or the system tray or start menu. 

The next step is to check-in to the Netgear router Login window. For reaching the preferred window, you are required to enter the valid URL in the address bar. Router login page URL is “” or “”. If you are not able to access the login window by entering these URLs, Netgear provides you with an alternate option i.e. providing the default IP Address. IP Address works as a substitute for login URLs. After entering either the URL or IP Address, you need to press the Enter key. 

The router login window asks you to provide the login credentials that are assigned by Netgear i.e. default credentials. Every Netgear router has a default username and password. These credentials are:

➜ Username– admin

➜ Password– password

So, you need to provide these credentials in their respective fields for signing in. If you are unable to access your account by entering these credentials, then, you have to check the bottom of your router. The default credentials of your router will be printed there.


Note: Netgear recommends you to change the router login password after the first time sign in. This helps in keeping your router account secure and protected from unauthorized access. 

After you are done with entering the login credentials, you can confirm the login process by clicking the “Sign In” button. This will conclude the router login process and will redirect to your Netgear router account. 

Note: A remember me popup box might prompt on your screen. You need to click the “Save” option to remain signed in your account. By saving the credentials, you don’t need to enter them again and again in the provided fields. 

Router Login

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In case you are a Mobile User

Router Login

To make the router login process more user-friendly, Netgear provides the users with the NIGHTHAWK application. This is an Android and iOS device application that helps you to manage your router and customize its settings. For signing in, you need to download and install the application on your device. 

After installation, sign in to your MyNetgear account first. Then, connect your Netgear router and mobile device. Further, the router login window will now prompt on your device asking you to enter the login credentials to access your account.