Netgear Router Setup

The Netgear Router Setup can be done in the following two methods. You can read any of these and set-up your device easily.


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Using your Mobile for Netgear Router Setup

Netgear Router Setup

To help you manage your router device easily, Netgear has initiated an app version of the Nighthawk app. This app helps you in Setup, Installation, and usage of your Netgear devices. For setting up your router device via Nighthawk, follow the steps we provide below. 

  1. You have to begin with unboxing your product aptly.
  2.  Then, align the antennas in the correct manner as per the specifications of your router device. 
  3. The next step is to connect to the internet port to your router. For this, you have to use the ethernet cable from your cable modem or DSL and plug it into the internet port of your router. 
  4. Provide power access to your router. To do that, connect the power cable of your router and plug it into the wall socket. 
  5. Let your device and the LED Lights on its front panel to adjust to normal. 
  6. Then, you have to open your mobile device. 
  7. There launch your “Google Playstore” or “Apple App Store” as per the operating system supported by your device. 
  8. Click on the search bar, you have to type “Nighthawk” and click the search icon. This app is free and does not involve any purchases. 
  9. After you locate the icon of the Nighthawk app, click on it. You will then be directed to a detailed description of this app. 
  10. In the middle of this screen, Look for the “Install” button and tap on it. 
  11. You will see that the download process for the app has now started. Once the download is complete, the app will automatically install.
  12.  Then, your mobile will notify you that your app is ready to use. 
  13.  Launch the app, the first screen that you will come across will prompt you to Log in to your Netgear Account. 
  14.  For the existing user of Netgear user of a Netgear account, you need to log in to your account. To log in, tap on the “Log In” icon and then enter your username and password when prompted to. 
  15.  Else, you have to create a new account.  For this, click on the “Create an Account” Icon and you will be taken to a form where you need to enter the required details.
  16. The next step is to connect your router to this app. The Nighthawk app having the latest version supports two methods for connecting to your router. 
  17. The First method is to connect your device manually. To do that, click on the “Connect Manually” icon on the window that asks you to connect to the router. After that, you have to reboot your router as per the instructions appearing on your screen. Consequently, you reach a list of available Wi-Fi networks. From this list, find your device name and connect using the default passcode
  18. The other option is to scan the bar code assigned to your router. To opt for this method, you need to tap on the “Enable Camera and Scan” icon. As a result, your camera will open in the next window. You now have to point the camera at the QR code. Look for this QR code on the back or bottom of your Netgear product. 
  19. After doing any of the above processes, you will have an active connection to your router.
  20.  The app now helps you to personalize your Wi-Fi settings.
  21. Lastly, check for the firmware updates. 
  22. In case you get to figure out any updates that are available for your device. You can install them to make your device functionality better. 
  23.  Your device will be ready to use, once the update is over.
  24.  This concludes the Netgear Setup for you. 

This was the method for the Netgear Router Setup via the Nighthawk app. Now let’s see the other method for it. 

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Using your Computer device for Netgear Router Setup

Netgear Router Setup

You can easily use your computer Device for Netgear Router Setup. Start with Unboxing a product and connecting it to power and internet supply. You can read the following procedure for the further steps. 

  1. You now have to connect your computer device to your router, which has 2 methods. 
  2. Either you can do it via a cable to connect, or you can connect it wirelessly, via the default credentials. (The back panel or the bottom panel of your laptop or PC has a description of the preset wireless settings of your Netgear router). 
  3. For a wireless connection, Open the Wi-Fi connection manager on your laptop or PC.   
  4. Provide the Default SSID Or Wi-Fi network name and passcode. 
  5. Click the connect button and your device is connected to your router.  
  6. Now open the web browser on your computer device. 
  7. When your browser window opens you will see the Netgear Genie window pop up. 
  8. In case the Netgear Genie fails to appear, click the address bar and type and press the enter key. 
  9. Now you have to log in to your account, for this, enter the default username as “admin” and the default password is “password”. Then click the “Sign-In” Icon. 
  10.  Next, the Netgear Genie will start configuring your device. This might take a few seconds. 
  11. After the configuration is done. The “Congratulations” window appears on your screen. 
  12.  Click “Take me to the Internet” icon to affirm that your connection is successful. 
  13. You now need to close all tabs and open your web browser once again. 
  14.  Once again login to your account, using the default username and password only. 
  15. Now, you are ready to use your account and you can also modify all settings related to your router device. 

This concludes the process of your Netgear Router Setup via your Computer device.