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Netgear Extender Setup

Netgear Range Extenders are innovative devices that connect to your existing Internet Network and extends it further to areas that were difficult to connect. In other words, it bridges Network gaps to give you an extended and consistent Network Coverage. But before you can experience the benefits of an “Extended Network”, you must perform Netgear Extender Setup properly. 

Netgear Extender Setup allows you to connect your Devices to the existing Network even from the “difficult to connect locations”.

Netgear Extender Setup

When Do You Need A Netgear Extender?

As understood that Netgear Extenders enlarges the extent of your Internet Network’s coverage. It serves the purpose of enhancing your WiFi Network’s range. It is an important piece of equipment that is exceptionally useful in the following situations.

WiFi Signals don’t reach certain areas of your house

Most houses have Dead Zones or Dead Spots that experience lack of reliable, strong and consistent WiFi Signals. It is simply impossible to connect your devices placed in these zones with your WiFi Network. This could be due to the distance between the Device and your Router. Besides that, architectural features like concrete walls etc. may block the Signals. Thus, creating these Dead Zones.   

Areas with Slow WiFi Speed

Most of the times, it happens that your Router is placed in a certain location. But, you end up spending your maximum online time in other areas of your home that don’t get proper Signals causing speed issues. With Netgear Extender Setup, you will experience an instant boost in the performance of your Network in all areas. This ensures you get good  WiFi Speed throughout the WiFi range.  

Experience the Fastest Possible WiFi

Netgear Extender Setup bridges Network Gaps and boosts performance. As such, you experience optimized WiFi performance and speeds. In this way, you can experience lightning-fast WiFi Speeds that is permissible according to your Network Plan. This is especially true with older Router Models that fail to display its best performance. 

Larger Homes

In the case of Larger Homes, your “WiFi Network” may not be able to cover the entire house. Even if you place your Router in a central location, the far ends of your home may mot get proper Signal Strength and Speeds. This situation can further deteriorate when other factors like Home Architecture, Electrical Appliances etc. interfere with the Network. As such, Netgear Extenders can prove very helpful. 

WiFi Required in Outdoor Areas

At times, you may want to employ the outdoor areas of your house like a poolside, garage, front yard, back yard, porch etc. for using your mobile devices. You try to connect to your Home Network but get weak or no Signals with intermittent connection and slow speeds. In this case, a Netgear Extender Setup will solve the issue.

You can also seek the help of our experts to help you install the extender by calling us at our toll-free customer service numbers or by chatting with them.


Perform Netgear Extender Setup

Netgear Extender Setup

Once you have decided that you need an Extender, make sure to properly perform Netgear Extender Setup. Based on your Router’s connectivity features, you can set it up in two ways as given below.

Through WPS

  1. Unbox the Netgear Device. 
  2. Turn On your WiFi Router which must have a physical WPS Push-button.
  3. Thereafter, turn on your “Computer” and connect it to your Home Network.  
  4. Hook up the Extender to a stable Power Source and turn it on. Its Power Lamp must be lit and stable. 
  5. Here, it is important to place your Extender near the Router, preferably in the same room. 
  6. On your Netgear Extender, press the WPS button. 
  7. Then, approach your Router. Now, press and hold its WPS button for a couple of seconds. 
  8. Check the Extender’s WPS button. It will light up as you press the Router’s WPS button.
  9. Repeat this process if you have a “Dual-band Router”.
  10. With this, your Extender is linked successfully with the Network.
  11. Hence, unplug it.
  12. Now, take it to a different location where you want to place it. Choose an ideal location as per your Network Coverage requirement. Then, turn it on.
  13. Once the Extender’s Power and Router Link LED are lit and stable, bring the Device that needs the Internet Connection close to it. Make sure that the Router Link LED is Green/ Amber in colour. However, in the case of red-colour Router Link LED, you must relocate the Extender to get appropriate placement.   
  14. Connect your Computing Device to the Extender’s Network.
  15. After completing the Netgear Extender Setup, you can perform a test to ascertain the effectiveness of your Extender.
  16. For this, connect a Mobile Device to the Extender’s Network. Then, place it at a previously Dead Zone. Thereafter, check the Client Link LED on your Extender. You must get a Green/Amber colour stable light.  

Through Installation Assistant

In this method, the Netgear Extender Setup is done on a web-based platform i.e. “”. All you have to do is turn on your Extender while placing it close to your Router. Then, connect it to a “Computer” which is already connected to your Home Network. You can choose to connect through WiFi or the Ethernet Cable.  Then, visit “”. Select “New Extender Setup” to begin the process. Then, follow on-screen instructions to complete the process. Once the Setup is complete, relocate the Extender to its ideal location. Thereafter, connect it to the Network. You may also perform a test to ascertain its effectiveness just like the WPS method.