Netgear Router Login

Below given is a complete guide for Netgear Router Login. Follow the procedures carefully to reach your router account successfully.


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What are Netgear Routers?

Netgear is a leading producer of best-in-class routers that helps the users to enjoy high-speed network connection. Different routers are designed to fulfill the needs of different individuals. From gamers to business users, you will get a diverse range router. These routers are designed with a firewall that helps the connected device to remain protected from network hacking. Through the routers, you can connect multiple routers with the same internet service provider. 

Netgear Router Login

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How to Reach your Netgear Router account?

Netgear Router Login

Netgear router account is an ultimate platform that enables users to control their Netgear routers and manage them effectively. Using the account you can get complete information about your router, customize settings, enable parental control, etc. Hence, you need to access your account for enhancing your experience. Netgear provides two distinct methods for signing in to your account. You can perform Netgear router login either through the website or through the mobile device. Opt any of the options as per your preference. Below given are the procedures for signing in.

Note: Before you start with the Netgear router login procedure, you need to connect your system to the Netgear router. For establishing the connection, setup the router and connect it with the system with the LAN cable. You can also establish the connection wirelessly.  

  1. Open an internet browser.
  2. Switch to the Netgear router login window. 
    1. URL: Enter “” or “” in the browser’s address field. 
    2. IP Address: Alternatively, you can also enter the default IP address of your Netgear router which is connected to your system. This IP Address is generally provided in the instruction manual or can be located using the computer system.  
  3. In the Netgear router login webpage, you have to provide the default username and password, one by one. The default credentials are “admin” as a username and “password” as a password.
  4. Next, Netgear provides you with an option to store the credentials on your system by tick marking the “Remember Me” checkbox. Netgear recommends this option only on using the personal computing device. 
  5. Finally, to reach your account, tap the “Sign In” option. 
  1. To begin the process, you first have to download and install the Nighthawk application on your mobile device. 
  2. Android users need to open the Google Play Store application while iOS users need to access the App Store.
  3. Now, enter “Nighthawk” in the search bar which is placed at the top of the application. 
  4. From the search results, you need to choose the “Netgear Nighthawk” application. 
  5. Click the “Install” tab. 
  6. The application will start downloading on your device. 
  7. After the successful completion of the download process, click the Nighthawk application’s icon from the home screen. 
  8. Now, read the Netgear terms and conditions and click the “I Agree” tab to accept the mentioned terms and to proceed further. 
  9. After that, you can permit the router’s application to access your location. For this, click the “Allow” option. 
  10. Click “Get Started”.
  11. Thereafter, sign in to your Netgear Account. In order to do so, you are needed to click the “Login” tab and enter the email address and password registered with Netgear. 
  12. On the other hand, if you are a first time user, then click “Create Account”. Fill the profile information form carefully and tap “Continue”. Further, you are required to follow the on-screen instructions for successfully creating a Netgear account. 
  13. Further, you will be asked to connect your mobile device with the Netgear router. In order to do so, you will be provided with two options. You can either scan the router’s QR code, which is located on the backside of the router or you can connect it manually. For manual connection, go to mobiles settings and then select the Netgear WiFi network.  
  14. Once you are successfully connected, you will get a Netgear router login window. In this window, you need to enter the default username and password in their respective fields. 
    • Default Credentials: 
    • ➜ Username- admin
    • ➜ Password- password
  15. After entering the Netgear router login credentials, you can save them on your mobile device by enabling the “Remember Me” toggle button. 
  16. Finally, click the “Sign In” tab.